So let's talk my next Project

At the beginning of this month, I talked about a new Project and even revealed the title but there were no details about anything else. Well, now I spill the beans on this project.

Actually, the idea is not even mine but a task in a Video from D4Darius. In this video, he lists 30 tasks for 30 days, some sort of crash course for filmmakers which he compressed based on a 3-year film school curriculum. One of these tasks it’s about a dialogue scene.

A: Hey
B: How long do we have?
A: All night
B: Ok

Now I loved the idea of taking a very simple dialogue and film that in different ways with different meanings. I did take some liberties to change something. I reduced it to just a question: “How long do we have” and an answer which changes in each version.

The cool thing about this is the endless possibilities to put that question in a different meaning and the fact that I can make even shorter, self-contained movies and play around with different styles and genres.

So the next step is to write down ideas and then shoot them once an idea is fleshed out. The plan is to bundle some of them together and release a video with a few versions and if there are so many ideas I might make a Volume 1 and then further down the road a Volume 2 and so on. But I try not to get ahead of myself, let’s just start with a few short ones.