August 2000

New Winona Projects?

Ok, yesterday late at night we changed the info and if everything works out fine, should be back with new server tomorrow:) No pics today, but 'Mark' from the newsgroup found two … more →

3rd AINY Weekend Numbers

Again, this here is just a temporary thing but the old server is closing today and till they changed the DNS info for the new server (should take 3-5 days) you have to use this here:) Well, 'Autumn … more →

Temporary Server/Delyar Pics

Yesterday late at night the server was down for I don't know how many hours, this was surely not planned. Thank god it's back:) In case this happens again, bookmark the following link to the … more →

New Server Coming Soon

The new server is coming closer, I'm updating the page there right now:) and on September 1st this one here will close:) Yesterday 'Dave' almost crashed my mail server:) I received over 52 emails … more →

Biography Scans from Hervé

New pics every day but what's up with Noni? Well her new movie starts in...(look at the counter above)... and maybe then we will hear a bit more from here again. 'Hervé' is (as always) back again … more →

New Pics from Delyar and Sandro

WEEKEND!!!!:)) I'm so happy to finally sleep a bit, the last week was pretty tough with all the exams. When all is over (in 4 weeks) I will update the whole page again but in 4 weeks and not now:) … more →

2nd Scissorhands DVD Review

Damn, I'm happy when this exam will be over, learning, learning, learning. That's all I'm doing lately (and of course updating this page:)) 'Chou' found another DVD review from the upcoming 'Edward … more →

Globe & Oscar Pics

Today I'll make it short again, physik is waiting for me so I should learn a bit for the test on firday:) Again some scans from 'Delyar'. The first one from the Golden Globe and the second one from … more →

AINY 2nd Weekend Numbers

I was on a Jennifer Love Hewitt board once and there are people who compare Jennifer to Winona (and the parts they played). They said that Jennifer chooses the same type of movies like Winona did in … more →

Winona on German TV

I'm sure you are asking yourself where the daily updates are he promised us. Well, I had a lot of stuff to do for school over the weekend, I also needed a break and there was nothing new anyway:) I … more →