Temporary Server/Delyar Pics

Yesterday late at night the server was down for I don't know how many hours, this was surely not planned. Thank god it's back:)

In case this happens again, bookmark the following link to the temporary page. You'll only find the latest news/pics and the message board there. (It's the new server which will host the files for the-darths.com from September 1st on)

'Delyar' scanned again some pics, this time from the 'InStyle' magazine. Not sure if it is the current issue. Thanks again 'Delyar':)

'Niall' from Ireland, send me an article (with a great 'new' pic, again with long hair) from 'shwobizireland.com'. It's about the Beck/Noni thing. Thank you very much for this 'Niall':)