3rd AINY Weekend Numbers

Again, this here is just a temporary thing but the old server is closing today and till they changed the DNS info for the new server (should take 3-5 days) you have to use this here:)

Well, 'Autumn in New York' stayed another week in the top 10 but this is definitely it's last. It's current $27,160,587 and it will probably end up in the area of $35-40 million. Here are the weekend's result:

  1. Bring It On $17,362,105
  2. The Art Of War $10,410,993
  3. The Cell $9,676,012
  4. Space Cowboys $6,514,903
  5. The Original Kings of Comedy $5,906,038
  6. What Lies Beneath $4,612,974
  7. The Replacements $4,075,896
  8. The Crew $4,051,921
  9. The Klumps $3,560,195
  10. Autumn In New York $3,267,896

Here's an old public Pic which I think isn't in my collection:) I really like her hair here:) Ahhh she's sooo cute:)

I also found a new 'Edward Scissorhands' DVD review. It's only 5 days away:) Btw I started watching 'Beetlejuice' again. Great movie:)

  • 'Edward Scissorhands' DVD review