AINY 2nd Weekend Numbers

I was on a Jennifer Love Hewitt board once and there are people who compare Jennifer to Winona (and the parts they played). They said that Jennifer chooses the same type of movies like Winona did in her early years. Sorry but Jennifer only made commercial teen-movies so far, ts ts ts:)

'Delyar' again scanned some interesting pictures. The first one is a bigger version of a pic I already have (from the MTV Movie Awards) and the second one is from the 'People' magazine (together with Laura Dern)which came out last month. Thank you very much 'Delyar':)

According to 'Linh', Noni is in this months 'In Style', 'Movieline' and 'US Weekly'. Thank you very much 'Linh':)

This weekend's numbers are in and 'Autumn in New York' doesn't seem to stay in the top ten for another week:( It fell 50% from last week and is now standing at: $21 million.

  1. The Cell $17,515,050
  2. The Original Kings of Comedy $11,615,670
  3. Space Cowboys $9,476,221
  4. The Replacements $7,215,305
  5. What Lies Beneath $6,758,142
  6. The Klumps $6,309,125
  7. Hollow Man $6,010,644
  8. Autumn In New York $5,548,412
  9. Coyote Ugly $5,023,192
  10. Bless The Child $4,837,688