The Best Movies of 2017

Top 10 best movies of 2017

After yesterdays worst Movies of 2017 lies to the focus now on the best. I have to mention here that since my local cinemas don’t show all the movies in English or sometimes just for a short period of time (some movies don’t even make it at all) I haven’t seen ALL the movies I wanted to see, plus time is another issue. Some Movies I’ve yet to see are Lady Bird (from which I’ve heard excellent things), The Shape of Water (DelToro seems to have delivered a masterpiece here), Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (Looks to be my kind of movie), Mudboud (Is on Netflix but didn’t have the time yet) and Mother (I might squeeze that one in if I catch it in the last two days of this year). And once again, this is my list, it’s not supposed to be a definitive list of what was good in 2017, just a list of movies I’ve really enjoyed.

So here are my best-seen Movies of 2017, counting down from 10:

10. Spiderman Homecoming

First I wasn’t that enthusiastic for yet another new Spiderman Movie (even though his short appearance in Captain America Civil War was outstanding) since the last two movies were kinda shit. So I didn’t see it in theatres but at home and I was really surprised by how good it is. The villain was excellent, the movie was fun, charming and the stakes were more personal and less ‘World Ending’ which was fitting to this high school Spiderman.

9. Thor Ragnarok

What a change of style for a Thor Movie. Were the first two rather serious with some humor is the third a flat-out comedy and finally made Thor (and not Loki) the star of the Movie? Sure the Movie suffers from the usual Marvel Villain issue but everything else is just hilarious to watch. I’ve had such an awesome time, just wish they’ve kept Hulk's involvement a secret, that would have been such a nice surprise.

8. The Big Sick

What could be a by-the-book rom-com is actually one of the better romantic movies I’ve ever seen because it offers a unique twist on the whole ‘falling in love’ concept. (shows that the best stories are still the ones that are based on real-life) Kumail Nanjiani breaks free from his Silicon Valley Role thanks to his own screenplay and Zoe Kazan just oozes charisma like no female actress.

7. Get Out

The first surprise hit of the year and a movie that benefits from you not having seen the trailer or heard anything at all from it. The Trailer kinda ruins a part of the movie but that doesn’t diminish the movie. It’s a clever twist on the horror genre and adds social commentary to it.

6. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

This one was actually kind of a mixed bag after my first viewing. There are some things that bothered but then there are other things that blew me away and are some of the best Star Wars moments ever. After the second viewing the things that bothered me stayed but bothered me less and the awesome moments just became even better and I’ve got goosebumps. No movie this year achieved that, therefore it deserves a place on this year's top ten list.

5. Raw

Raw is probably the movie that stayed with me the longest and the most controversial movie on this year's list. But that movie caught me so off guard and I’ve kept thinking about it for days. It was such a unique experience and I would just love to see it again with someone to discuss it further. If you get the chance I recommend watching it, just don’t eat anything before, some things might be too strong for certain people.

4. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

A movie where I refused to see any Trailers or TV Spots because I wanted to enjoy the movie on the big screen without knowing anything about it. I had a blast from start to finish and I love all the characters and new additions. I laughed, I cried and I felt closer to all the characters at the end and I can’t wait for their next adventure. I know the movie is far from perfect but not many movies made me feel this way this year.

3. Baby Driver

Probably my most recommended movie of the year, I told all my friends to go see this one. A two-hour movie that incorporated music like no other movie before. It’s an amazing feat from director Edgar Wright. Some of the best car chase scenes I’ve seen in a long time filled with a kick-ass soundtrack. Not sure about a planned sequel but with Edgar involved I’m hopeful.

2. Logan

The final performance from Hugh Jackman as Wolverine was also his best. One of the best Comic Book movies because it took the genre and made something new and interesting with it. It’s more of a character piece and a western with very strong performances from Jackman and Steward which give their characters the best possible farewell they deserve.

1. War of the Planet of the Apes

The two previous Apes movies were really good but for me, the final chapter in this Trilogy really went out with a bang. What a fine character study and an excellent performance by Andy Serkis (will Motion Capture one day be considered for awards?) and the best special effects I’ve ever seen. It’s amazing that you start to feel for these apes because they act and feel real. The best adult movie trilogy out there, who would have thought that when they announced remakes of the classic Planet of the Apes Movies.