Shoop Shoop Music Video

Big update today guys, maybe the biggest ever for this page:) I've got everything today: News, pics (wallpaper, vidcaps, scans), video and TV info so where shall I start?

Let's start with the big one. Here it is, 30mb big and in mpg (so you can watch it fullscreen). If anyone has problems downloading it, let me know.

  • 'Shoop Shoop Song' music video [30mb, 352 x 240, 2.51m]

'Uwe' and I were so fascinated by this pic that I decided to make a wallpaper out of it. It's very basic but I thought better than just the pic and nothing else. Ideas and thoughts are welcome:)

'Niall' from Ireland took some vidcaps from 'Showbizweekly' on SkyNews. So now you get an idea how she looks right now:) Thanks a lot 'Niall' for those:)

'Linh' scanned two pics from the 'Autumn in New York' Soundtrack (they look fantastic Linh) and I cut out a part where you can perfectly see her Tattoo:) Thanks a lot Linh:) (ATTENTION, Huge files!!!)

No, it's not over yet:) 'Mark' found another 'Girl Interrupted' article on the net (it's an interview with Winona actually). Thanks a lot 'Mark' (btw the pics you sent yesterday are already in my collection)

  • 'Girl Interrupted' article / interview

Once again I'd like to remind everyone who gets the German TV channel 'RTL' to watch the Larry Sanders Show tonight. Winona will attend the show, so prepare your tape recorder:)