Winonas Tattoo & AINY Wallpapers

Ok I'm back and the old e-mail address is working again ( ) but it seems that I can't get the countdown at the top make working. Needs a bit more time. (fixed it now) The counters, on the other hand, should work just fine and if they don't then it's not because of me:)

'Mark' has sent me a great wallpaper he made out of some 'Autumn in New York' pics. It really looks great on my desktop Mark, thanks a lot:) (btw use it with black background:))

'Hervé' found the Tatoo Winona has on an 'Autumn in New York' pic. Thanks a lot 'Hervé':) I found then another one from 'Autumn in New York', look at her left arm, it's pretty small.

Tomorrow is a big day, you can look forward to the 'Shoop Shoop Song' music video from Cher in excellent quality (30mb, Mpeg) So see you tomorrow:)