Eyes Wide Shut Premier Pics

Ok now I've seen the whole 'Larry Sanders Show' (was up till 1.30am in the morning) with Noni's appearance and I'm a bit disappointed (especially from RTL). First you see her only for about a minute or two and second, RTL even cut a bit out of it. I saw the MPG version 'Me' had on his page once and there you see more. Well anyway, I have it on tape now:)

'Delyar' has 3 'gifts' for us fans:) Here are 3 very nice pictures from the 'Eyes Wide Shut' premier:) Thanks a lot 'Deylar':)

Here's a very interesting article about 'Autumn in New York' and a nude scene Noni made for the movie but didn't appear in the theatre version. Thanks a lot 'Chou' for this one:)

Today I got my 'Boys' tape (gonna watch a few scenes now) which I ordered a week ago and today is also the release date of the 'Edward Scissorhands' DVD. So rush out and buy it, now!!!! :)

The-darths.com main page has been updated with a great drawing from Enrique. I hope we can start with the online comic book soon. Thoughts on the drawing are welcome:) (btw I'm the one on the left)