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I'm already behind with writing emails again, damn, and on Monday school starts again. Well, I do my best to write some emails but (as always) if you don't get one immediately please don't be mad at me:)

As I already announced yesterday, here are 74 vidcaps from 'Edward Scissorhands' (and not 104 as I said). A BIG thank you to 'Darren' for once again doing an incredible job:)

  • 'Edward Scissorhands' Vidcaps

'Lost Souls' is now in theatres but still, there are a lot of articles out there. Today I got one from 'Niall' which is a very informative article about the production of 'Lost Souls'. The other one is from 'Darren' about some Nightmares Winona has. Both are very good. Thanks a lot 'Niall' and 'Darren':)

  • 'Lost Souls' Article
  • Winona and her Nightmares