Lost Souls Box Office Numbers

Well I just needed a day off yesterday, It was my last day on vacation (cause it's school time once again) and so I went out and had some fun:) And then I missed this great discussion on the board:( It's once again a reminder that a lot happens there, we all have a great time there, right guys?:)

Here are a lot of pics I received during the weekend. Almost all of them are from 'David' and then there are some from 'Knome' Thanks a lot to both of you:)

'Lost Souls' did a lot better than most expected. It finished as the third best movie this weekend with $8.4 million (right behind 'Meet The Parents' and 'Remember the Titans'). But a huge dropoff is expected next week. We'll see:)

Noni's birthday is soon and on the board, we discuss what we're gonna do for her, there's an idea already but we need more people for that so I order you to go to the board and help us all, Thanks:)