Lost Souls released in the States

It's 'Lost Souls' time. All you guys in the states, ah I envy you. I have to wait at least another month till I see the poster hanging around in theatres:( Ah well I will get over it:)

- 'Linh' sent me this GREAT scan from the new 'US' magazine. The other pic is from 'David' taken from eBay and he will give us more in the near future:) Thanks a lot 'Linh' and 'David':)

Joblo's 'Lost Souls' Review - I don't know if someone sent me this link of if I found it myself, anyway here is a good review of 'Lost Souls' without a spoiler. The good thing is that this guy has a good taste of movies (called Fight Club a masterpiece, that says it all:)) and he's not the biggest fan of noni but thought the movie was good anyway (that's a very good sign, so we will love it even more:))

Now two other links for Noni/Lost Souls. The first one is again from 'Linh' and is an interview with Noni on 'IGN'. The other is the 'Lost Souls' page at rotten tomatoes where you can see all the bad reviews of 'Lost Souls'. Thanks a lot 'Linh':)

Tomorrow I will bring you 104 'Edward Scissorhands' vidcaps from 'Darren' who also made the 'Girl Interrupted vidcaps, so see you all tomorrow:)