March 2005

New A Scanner Darkly Preview Pictures

The has brought some new preview pictures from "A Scanner Darkly", an eagerly awaited upcoming Winona movie. Many thanks to Manuel for the find. You can see all the new pictures in A … more →

New Pictures in Lost Souls Gallery

I added some new pictures in Lost Souls Gallery: 3 pictures on the set and 12 Promotions. More films galleries will be completed too little by little. The credit for these pictures goes to corky, … more →

Happy Birthday AGCN

5 friggin' years. AGCN has reached another milestone. I doubt there are a lot of fan pages (especially Winona ones) who survived 5 years. Makes me kinda proud. Like every year, Hervé" and Phil create … more →

New Oscar and Golden Globe Pics

corky is still busy uploading tons of new pictures, yesterday it was pics from movie premieres and some paparazzi ones and today she's including new pics from the Oscars and the Golden Globes, below … more →

Marc Jacobs Store Opening Pics

Yes, finally new pics from a new event and she looks just stunning. I assume we're all happy to see her again smiling for the cameras, which makes the wait for her next new movie a bit more bearable. … more →

A Scanner Darkly Teaser Poster

Just shortly after the bad news of ' A Scanner Darkly' being pushed back to March 2006, we get to see the first official poster from the movie with Keanu on it (maybe there will be more teaser … more →

AGCN version 9.1 Infos

I don't know if you noticed certain changes around here since yesterday. AGCN updates are now run on a blog (presented by WordPress) The advantage of this, is that we now have an archive here on AGCN … more →

New Movie and A Scanner Darkly News

Today we have some good and some bad news, first the good news. The word is out that Winona will star in the movie ' O Jerusalem'. Here the info from M&C Movies. Winona Ryder and Saïd Taghmaoui ( … more →

AGCN goes WordPress

I've been sick for the last 2 weeks but yesterday I put in a work session and freed AGCN from its dependency through the invision board. AGCN now works completely independent using the new WordPress … more →

Darwin Awards: the wait will be worthy

Here I am, punctual as I promised.....thanks to Manuel for telling us about this pic. I've just bought the magazine (Fotogramas) and here is the scan of her long-awaited back to the screen. Back for … more →