Happy Birthday AGCN

5 friggin' years. AGCN has reached another milestone. I doubt there are a lot of fan pages (especially Winona ones) who survived 5 years. Makes me kinda proud.

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Like every year, Hervé" and Phil create something special for AGCN on its birthday and they never cease to amaze me. Another stunning piece of work, thanks a lot guys.

It has been a weird year for AGCN but then again which past years haven't been weird. It started with almost a complete stop and shut down of AGCN (yes there were days when I thought of stopping it) and ended with a rebirth. New crew, new design, new features and in the end I can say that AGCN has never looked and worked better.

But what can be expected from AGCN in its 5th year? Well there are still plans to add or expand certain sections (a Biography has been added very recently) and of course, the already big Picture gallery will keep on growing (currently holds over 3400 pictures). Of course, we all hope that by Winona's comeback to the silver screen, the interest in her will grow again so that we here can provide some newsworthy stuff again. In short words, it could be a VERY big year for Winona AND AndGodCreatedNoni lets hope for the best.

Usually, this is the time and place to thank all kinds of people, but I decided to keep it VERY short this time, so...

Thank You All