April 2020

Home Office Day Two

On Sunday it was day two of principal photography for the next short film Home Office. It was actually rather reshooting things from day one after watching a rough cut. Some scenes got a much better … more →

Bender in Blender

I’ve started with some character design and I thought Bender from Futurama might be the easiest one because of his shape, but still had some difficulties getting it right. I also spend a lot of time … more →

No Blender Animations for now

Pepper created in Blender I’ve created a blender version of something I truly hate but it was good practice to test out some stuff. I actually tried to make an animation where dozens of peppers are … more →

Almost half-time with Home Office

On Sunday I shot the second half of the upcoming next short film and upon making a rough cut I realized that I need to reshoot certain scenes. I know this happens a lot with me but I’m still learning … more →

Soap Lab as a Blender Render

I’ve been glued to the screen the last few days, trying new things with blender and running my Mac Mini into overdrive. This new rendition of my Soap Lab Logo was a bit tricky on the rendering side … more →

My Apartment in Blender

I’ve started a new bigger Project with Blender, my whole apartment in a miniature version. Laying down the initial ground structure took quite a long time because I had to measure every room and … more →

Here, have a Goody

For a private web project that’s in the making for some time, there was a need for a visual goody, something that represents that project perfectly. So today I started creating that goody in Blender … more →

Home Office with Blender

The first short film is still in the planning stage but I ended up using Blender to recreate my Office so I could plan shots. I was using Blender a lot longer than I wanted to but I realized that my … more →

Doing what makes me happy

I’ve been thinking a lot about this the last few days and 2 days ago it hit me. First I was kinda annoyed about myself that I kept tinkering with my website instead of doing some movie stuff and then … more →

News from the movie-making front

For the last few days of the special working condition, I was focusing on adding new cool stuff to SoaPatrickSeven, played around with Blender a bit and came up with two new ideas for short films. … more →