Doing what makes me happy

I’ve been thinking a lot about this the last few days and 2 days ago it hit me. First I was kinda annoyed about myself that I kept tinkering with my website instead of doing some movie stuff and then there’s the issue with Blender not running well on my Mac Mini and me thinking about buying a PC.

Well, my epiphany on Thursday was: fuck it, let’s just do what makes me happy and not force myself to work on projects. If I want to make blender stuff then I will buy a PC and if I want to tinker on my website or make a movie then I do that. The key is to do that which interests me in that given moment.

I mean I have a full-time job, so it’s time to enjoy my life in my spare time. I’m known to switch between hobbies quickly and for the longest time that kinda bugged me. But maybe it’s time to let that ‘buggy feeling’ go and embrace my way of doing things and just let it flow. Because sooner or later I will land back at that project I left of the shelf for some time.

This means I will probably buy myself a PC specifically for Blender and high-end Graphic work (Colorizing Short Films or playing Games) but will wait a bit until life normalizes itself a bit. I will invest in my second workspace which will feature that newly purchased PC. And then I will do what makes me happy and not think too much about what I should do.