Some thoughts on 2019

I don’t want to make some top 10 lists about stuff I liked and didn’t like the past year as I did for 2017 (Best Movies, Worst Movies, Best TV Shows). Or just look ahead like I did last year. No, this year I thought I just mention things that I liked, things that I didn’t like and also some stuff that I did that’s worth mentioning. Everything is sorted alphabetically.

Things I liked

  • Avengers: Endgame, a movie Event that will never be reproduced, ever, and I witness the whole shabang live in theatres.
  • Barry, A TV Show that really surprised me on so many levels.
  • Bocksmart, probably the sweetest teenager movie in a while.
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer, rewatching one of my favorite TV Show for the hundredth time
  • Game of Thrones, The Long Night from, let’s just say my most intense TV hour of the week (apart from rewatching The Body)
  • Midsommar, Another exceptional Horror movie from Ari Aster, he’s a talent to look out for
  • Mindhunters, watching David Fincher construct scenes is just mesmerizing, people talking can be so intense and interesting.
  • Orange is the new Black: an emotional and very satisfying ending.
  • Peanut Butter Falcon, Shia is just a mesmerizing actor to watch and the movie is so sweet without ever being corny.
  • Rick and Morty, for a long time I avoided it, but now I can’t get enough, fucking hilarious.
  • The Sazerac, my new favorite cocktail, if done right, and at home, it’s always done right!
  • Stranger Things, it keeps its quality high even with season 3.
  • Tool, a new Album after 13 years, not their best but who cares, it’s fucking TOOL.
  • Toy Story 4, A very emotional and damn fine ending to Woody’s arch.
  • Tschernobyl, The best 6 Hours on TV this year, I keep telling everyone to watch it.
  • Unbelievable, a nice surprise of a crime show with very good leads, I was hooked.

Things I didn’t like

  • 6 Underground, Michael Bay in overdrive and unchecked. I was bored after 5 minutes.
  • Dark Phoenix, giving Simon Kinberg all these X-Men Movies to play with wasn’t a good idea.
  • Game of Thrones, Yes it’s on both lists. That ending, man oh man.
  • Glas, he should have stopped after Unbreakable, this one was not necessary.
  • Hellboy, another unnecessary sequel/reboot.
  • MIB International, Aaaaand another one, they just keep on making crappy sequel/reboots.
  • Star Wars Rise of the Skywalkers, yap a Star Wars movie is on this list, what a huge disappointment this movie was.

What else did I do?

  • Learned working more extensively with Git
  • got heavily into automation of workflows
  • started to play around with Rest API
  • Worked and tinkered too much on SoaPatrickSix
  • Thought too much about making movies (instead of doing it)
  • Stopped walking through every street in Basel
  • Oh and yeah, I turned 40 this year