Lost Souls buzz starts

The updates these days get bigger and bigger, thank god I have now enough space on this table. Talking about space, if the pics will float in like this in the next half year I'm gonna have a hard disk problem. I have 200mb on this server which I share with 'Chris' and I don't know how long it's gonna take till it's full. Have to search for a solution:)

More pics from the 'Walk of Fame' WOW:) 'Delyar' and 'Linh' both found some more pics. There's a pic that worries me a bit, is she trying to kiss Anthony on that pic? Anyway, thanks a lot 'Delyar' and 'Linh':)

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'Mark' takes interviews to a new level:) Instead of a transcript, he just sends me an mp3 file with the interview:) Thank you very much for that 'Mark' and quality is great btw:) Oh the interview is about 'Lost Souls':)

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'Linh' also found an article on 'Canoe.ca' about 'Lost Souls'. There's way more buzz about LS than there was about 'Autumn in NY'. Is this a good sign? I don't know. Thanks a lot 'Linh'

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