New Design and more pics

Well well, a new design out of nowhere:) hehe didn't see that coming huh?:) Well so far everybody seems to like a lot more than version 2.0 and it probably will stay but I have to change a few things first till it's absolutely perfect (in my eyes). One thing that wonders me is that no one will miss the name 'For Your Eyes Only' mmmm, well I will miss it for sure:)

As I told you yesterday, here comes the pics action:) The first public pic is from 'Linh' (very lovely pic). The other public pics are all from 'Delyar'. The color pics are from 'Naim' and 'David' and then there's also a new Fan-Art pic from 'Sandro'. Thanks a lot 'Linh', 'Delyar', 'Naim', 'David' and 'Sandro' :)

 Lot's of 'Walk of Fame' pics 'Delyar' found this site with lots of pics from the 'Walk of Fame' but they all have this dumb logo on it. I'm gonna try something: start a corporation with them so I get the bigger version without the Logo, but this might be expensive but I'll try it. Thanks a lot anyway 'Delyar':)

(if the search engine appears, just type in 'Winona Ryder')

'Niall' found a site where moviegoers voted for 'Lost Souls' and it gets great reviews so far but let's wait to see some more before we celebrate:)) Thanks a lot 'Niall':)

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