Learning For My New "Job"

Two entries within 2 days, don’t expect this to be the case here all the time, it's just that I worked for 2 days straight on a page I’m doing for a friend and I kinda have some time off now.

Yep 2 days straight, I’m getting all into CSS right now, no more tables. It's really amazing what can be done with so less HTML. Looking at the current version of And God Created Noni.com might give you an idea. So far I don’t get paid for the work I’ve done but I should get some projects I have to work on next week and then finally money starts to flow in again. I still have lots to learn and I still know only half the stuff CSS is capable off. But getting a page to look perfect in all browsers is the idea behind it, doesn’t work 100% yet but I’m getting there.

Of course this is all very useful for the future design of the-soap which will be (hopefully) a stunning piece of work, yep, some ideas are already floating around in my head and so far I like what I see, the idea is to go a very slick and professional way this time but as I said, so far nothing has been brought to the table yet. The more I learn the better it will become in the end.

Ok thats it for today…