Apple Introduces the Mac Mini

Yesterday in San Francisco at the Macworld Expo, Steve Jobs presented the new MAC MINI (among other things) and I tell ya, this thing kicks MAJOR ASS… how can someone NOT want this thing at home?

I showed this thing to my mother and the next day (today) she came to me and said she wants to get one of these, haha. But really, get yourself a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and a good/cheap flatscreen and ready is your small but beautiful desktop. Almost no wires and no need for lots of space. If I hadn’t already a PowerBook 17″ I’d get a mac mini as well…

What else did he present? Oh yes, a new iPod, the iPod Shuffle which is even smaller than the iPod mini and this one would be perfect for my little sister for when she goes to the gym. You see I’m slowly converting my family to apple, hehe.