Having A Weird Dream

A lot of time has passed since my last entry, this wasn’t planned or anything, I was just very short on time to write something and not a lot of newsworthy stuff happened, but then again, what IS newsworthy.

Anyway, I had a weird dream tonight, first I have to explain that I was at a friends place and we were watching football, Payton Manning sure destroyed the Denver Broncos yesterday in the first half. The speed in which he passes to his receiver is amazing and also how accurate they are, they just have to hold ou their hands and catch the ball. Ok I’m drifting off here, so I stayed at his place till 2 and walked home afterward, at home I went straight to bed, it was 3 am I think. It was weird what I dreamed and I try to remember as much as I can here. I think it all started with me going out on a weekend and getting hit by old friends with no reason, they come up to me and start hitting me and chasing me out of the club, so I escape with one friend remaining and hide somewhere. Now I leave this up to others to analyze this.

I remember I woke up on 7 am totally awake and asking myself if I slept THAT long that it's already getting dark outside when in fact I was only sleeping for 4 hours. So I tried to sleep again and the next dream I remember had a lot of nudity (hehe yes yes). I was walking around naked (I think I was naked) on the marketplace here in Basel and going up to all kinds of different girls and asking them if they could help me jacking off…. WTF? That dream kinda faded into another (oh btw I didn’t find any girl who could help me) which felt like some weird video game where I had to do something with sheeps in a small village (felt very The Village like). I had to go from sheep to sheep and do something with them in a certain time frame or they would die, I’d see them loosing their skin and the bones and the skull would appear underneath if I didn’t act fast enough. I think at this point I woke up and couldn’t stop shaking my head. I dreamed some weird stuff in my life but this was weird in many ways and I wonder if there’s a certain reason for all of this.

Well, I leave it at this and hopefully, my next entry will be about something more pleasant.