Just a couple things...

Finally, springtime has arrived which made it possible to go out, with just a t-shirt, hang around on the Rhein with a beer and enjoy the warm sunny weather. The weather was also warm enough to go for a bike ride and damn was I not in shape. But in the end, I pulled through and went for a 53km ride even though halfway through I had problems with just the tiniest hills.

I also used my free time this weekend to do more drawings, like the one from Friday and a new interesting one on Instagram. With Instagram, I noticed that they are can be used to make comic strips by swiping from one panel to the next, so I try to come up with simple 3-panel strips and test them out.

Then there’s the SoaPatrickFive. I think I will work on a simple pre-version this weekend and then immediately use it here because it might be much easier to work on it while seeing it than working on it in secret and releasing a fully finished version, which might take weeks/months. That way I can constantly improve and tweak it slightly until it might be finished someday.

So if you’ll excuse me, have some TV Shows to watch.