I had to take the Week off

Finally weekend drawing

It was such a stressful week that I had to take some time off from the daily blogging to recharge my batteries and to stop trying to find something to write about because the last month there were times when I just wrote that I have nothing to write about. So Instead of doing that on a daily basis, I thought “let’s just take a break and do other things”. It felt good to not think about what to write for a week. During that period, I realized that I should change the schedule to a more relaxing and productive one. Meaning I’m thinking about writing only once or twice a week and using the rest of the week to work on my drawings, like today’s featured image which was actually done rather fast, I think two hours top. That doesn’t mean there’s no possibility for more than two blog posts per week if I have enough to say or show but it’s not something I’m expecting.

Then there’s the preparation for SoaPatrickFive. I resized the template for the featured Images to 1250x600px which I use starting today. Maybe I will resize the older ones as well (if it’s possible) but it’s not that urgent yet. Mmmm maybe I should even go full retina on the featured image and double the pixel density? I mean if I change why not change to 2500×1200, that way I’m prepared for any occasion. I have to think about that for a bit.