Halloween Update

Spookily enough, NO Noni news OR media today now that IS scary)!

Well, almost none. Fortunately I was in the queue for the weekly shopping (which of course meant I had less time to do the page anyhow) and leafing through this week's (Nov. 6th) edition of 'Us Weekly' - trying desperately hard to ignore the woman about to have an apoplectic fit behind me because of the inconvenience of waiting 2 minutes in line - in which, heureusement et commodement, a couple of noteworthy points surfaced. No doubt scanned pictures will be inbound shortly from those who actually buy such magazines, but for now, let me pass on the key points second hand.

Yes, Winona and Beck have been spotted together (again) - and (again) in silly hats. This time (on October 15th), they were supposedly in the Beverly Center whilst Winona was on a break from filming Pacino's latest vehicle, 'Simone', in Los Angeles (of which there are probably many, seeing as how she is only supposed to have a cameo!)

There was also a feature 'photo-tree' about Mark Wahlberg's (Marky Mark's) past women. One leaf of said tree contained a piccie of, you guessed it, the elfin beauty (in recent Hollywood Star garb). Despite rumours and allegations of his involvement in the breakup between Damon and Ryder, Wahlberg professed in a short paragraph to have simply been having innocuous talks with Ryder about an upcoming movie prospect. Either way, the story sounds interesting, though I can't (or don't want to - not sure which yet) imagine Wahlberg & Ryder in a movie together...

Hopefully, you have also all noticed MistaG's latest contribution to this page - the Noni-tooth poll! I think this came out of a conversation I was having with the chief a week or so ago, as well previously with 'Damian', from the group. We're also not too sure about the nose, but I'm less convinced there's a story there... In any case, having watched Quilt 2 days ago, I can confirm that Noni was dentally au-naturel back then. Top marks to the person who can identify the straight tooth about the first cinematic appearance of the corrected pearls.

Well, the 'Lost Souls' week-ending actuals are slightly worse than the predictions. At close of play on Sunday night, the widely criticized Satanic foray earned only an extra $1.3 million to reach a 3 week total of $15.1m, and an (unlucky for some) 13th spot.

And in a very recently developing movie rumour, thanks in part to 'MARK' from the message board (who half whispered something), and Teresa's fab new news page on 'The Unofficial Winona Ryder Site', here is news of a possible future pairing between Julianne Moore and Winona (so that's the Oscar darling and, errm, Noni) - entitled 'Paris Underground', read (somewhat more) about it here at 'E!Online':-

  • 'E!Online Dotted Line'

And finally, Happy Hallowe'en to all. Now go out and watch 'Lost Souls' to celebrate (or 'Boys', if, by all accounts - and I haven't seen it yet - you want to see something really scary!). Or, how about this...

'Quote of the Day'

Annalee Call: "I can make it all stop... the pain, this nightmare. That's all I can offer you."

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