Lost Souls drops out of the Top 10

A good day was had by all yesterday, I trust. Some thanks to 'Uwe' for his amusing top 10 lists which stirred interest on the message boards, and hopefully all of our wishes for Winona will have been passed on by some friend of a friend of an agent who might pass by this web page every now and again!

Well sadly, this weekend's chronological significance notwithstanding, 'Lost Souls' falls out of the top 10 to number 12 (and now below 'The Exorcist: The Money Grabbing Remix'). This weekend's box office saw the addition of only $1.5 million for a cumulative total of $15.3 million. This one is doing worse than 'Autumn In New York' and is hopefully not a sign of things to come. Hopefully all of the mitigating circumstances surrounding these 2 beleaguered films fully account for their respective commercial failures and they do not point to a more serious career crisis - personally speaking, I don't think so, and none of the 'bad smells' from these commercial stinkers is emanating from the lady in question but from the more popularly believable studio abattoirs of interference.

Here are today's pics. Thanks go to 'David' for more of his collectibles and more, and 'Linh' for a single pic here from 'Reality Bites'. Thanks again folks:

Seems to be a 'Little Women' bug going around now too! 'Phil' has sent us a link to a massive trailer site currently (but for a limited engagement only) featuring a nice 3:06 trailer for Winona's critically acclaimed period piece. View/grab it while you can guys:

  • 'Little Women' trailer

Sticking with the 'Little Women' theme, 'David' wanted me to point out that in yesterday's DVD listing, I neglected to mention (for brevity I might add) that the 'Little Women' version I have just purchased is the new 2000 'Collector's Edition' which naturally includes lots of extra bits and pieces, the details for all of which can be found here:

And speaking of lots of extra bits and pieces, it seems as though the Region 2 version of 'Bram Stoker's Dracula' has far more juicy bits than its North American counterpart (thanks again, 'David'), although the Region 1 disc is highly praised for the quality of its transfer (probably the same). However, after a tiny bit of research, it seems as if Columbia Tristar is planning to re-release a whole suite of DVDs, now that they've discovered that the middle initial stands for Versatile and not Video! Check these 2 links for news on the upcoming Special Edition Region 1 release:

  • 'Dracula: SE' Link 1
  • 'Dracula: SE' Link 2

Whilst in the 3rd of 'David's DVD scoops, it would appear as though an SE-style 'Heathers' re-release is on the cards for mid-2001. A little digging led me to confimatory signs on the Anchor Bay website:

  • 'Heathers' THX Edition

Now if only we could get those missing titles! By the way, I should also mention from yesterday's list that 'The House Of The Spirits' is in a disappointing 4:3 ratio with only Pro-Logic digital sound. Bad form there on the part of Lions Gate films (yet another division of Columbia Tristar!) And by the way, why DO they insist on labelling the spines of all their DVDs UPSIDE DOWN! (if you've got 'Spirits' or the recently popular 'American Psycho', you'll know what I'm talking about!)

Well, that's it for today - as you know, picture updates are at the forefront of our workload for now (there's getting on for 2000 pics here in the cyber-vault, and it's getting very tricky to filter out the good new stuff from the duplicates). Anyway, just wanted to say that we WILL get to all of your contributions, but if some of your submitted older prints don't show up here immediately, we ARE working on finding a place for them behind the scenes (promise!). Also, don't expect this much writing Monday-Friday! On behalf of MistaG and myself, thanks for all your continuing support and submissions - oh yeah, one other thing (guess I ended up watching 'Quilt' - to revisit Janusz - instead of GI for the big birthday bash, but I don't want GI to melt in my DVD player now do I?!):

'Quote of the Day'

As Anna says about making a quilt, you have to choose your combination carefully. The right choices will enhance your quilt. The wrong choices will dull the colors, hide their original beauty. There are no rules you can follow. You have to go by instinct and you have to be brave.

Finn Dodd (How To Make An American Quilt)