First Week Recap

Last Sunday I decided to start a 30 Day Drawing Challenge with a new challenge each day. After the first week, I can say that it’s not that easy finding the time each evening to draw something but I pulled through so here’s the result so far:

Day 1 – Draw Yourself

Starting with a difficult one puts you under pressure immediately. A self-portrait is not something I really like doing but it was an interesting experience and I’m surprisingly satisfied with the end result for a drawing made in 90 minutes. Of course, it could use some tweaking but then I would never stop and tweak it forever.

30 days drawing challenge - Day 1

Day 2 – Favorite Animal

My first reaction was clear when I read the task but the day after I realized, hey I love Penguins too, but I don’t regret my decision I’m fascinated by sharks. Even though it’s not a complex animal to draw it still has some tricky things to make it look good, especially the textures to add some depth and the eyes.

30 days drawing challenge - Day 2

Day 3 – Favorite Food

That was an easy one, not the drawing but what to draw, the drawing process, on the other hand, was harder because in some way it seems so easy but I underestimate the easiness of it. The roughness of a pizza is certainly something I didn’t include perfectly but then at some point I was out of time, so.

30 days drawing challenge - Day 3

Day 4 – Favorite Place

Here I kinda cheated, first I wanted to draw something more complex but then I ran out of time and I chose something more basic and simple, yet I like how it turned out.

30 days drawing challenge - Day 4

Day 5 – Best Friend

I kinda hesitated here for a moment, but I didn’t want to draw a person and when I accepted it, it was clear to draw my cat, she’s always there for me and always greeting me when I come home from work :) I’m really really proud how it turned out, I immediately recognize my cat here and drawing something with so many hairs and their different kinds of colors is really really tricky but it was an interesting learning experience.

30 days drawing challenge - Day 5

Day 6 – Favorite Book Characters

Well, Invisible Monsters is one of my favorite books and one I read every once in a while again. The character is not someone I admire but the things she says in the book are so profound that I couldn’t choose someone else. I really like the visualization of ‘birds ate my face’.

30 days drawing challenge - Day 6

Day 7 – Favorite Word

I had to think about it a bit here since I never really thought about a favorite word but one I use quite often recently is ‘weekend’ so I thought ‘well that makes this my favorite word I guess’ :) As a bonus, I thought as a picture of the month on the calendar I could add a movie I’ve just seen and one that had an emotional impact on me: A Monsters Call

30 days drawing challenge - Day 7

I look forward to the next 7 days and how my drawings will turn out, hopefully, I keep the flow going.