Second week and seven more drawings

The second week is done and it was much harder to keep the drawings coming each day. Therefore certain drawings seem rather easy because there was simply not enough time. But let’s go into each one:

Day 8 – Favorite Animated Character

I had a blast drawing the little Donald Infinity Figure. So much so that I also posted the video of the drawing process which is always fun to see once finished with the drawing.

30 days drawing challenge - Day

Day 9 – Favorite TV Show

This was probably the most ambitious drawing I undertook and because of that I also couldn’t really finish it. A lot of depth is missing because of no shadows at all. Maybe one day I will go back and finish it but apart from that, I love this drawing of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. It certainly is not the best TV Show of all time but that wasn’t the task, Buffy will always hold a very special place in my heart.

30 days drawing challenge - Day 9

Day 10 – Favorite Candy

Not my best work and also not really a task I enjoyed because I couldn’t really answer the question with an answer I was really happy with, but I do enjoy these and they are damn addictive.

30 days drawing challenge - Day 10

Day 11 – Turning Point in your Life

This one needs some explaining. As a teenager I was kind of a bully and treated smaller and younger kids not always nice but all that changed once I saw The Breakfast Club. That movie opened my eyes and showed me that all kids, whatever their background is and how they talk and dress and look, have the same problems and deal with the same shit. And there began my change and I ended up being bullied by the kids who used to be my friends. Well because of The Breakfast Club I became a better person, even if it meant suffering for it, but that’s what some people might call Karma. The drawing is simple and not because I couldn’t come up with something better but because I simply had not enough time.

30 days drawing challenge - Day 11

Day 12 – Most recent Accomplishment

Looking back two things came to my mind when thinking about this task. My year-long aspiration to lose weight and my desire to start hiking again and climb some mountains. One of those tasks is complete while the other is something I plan on doing a lot more in 2017 and I can’t wait for it.

30 days drawing challenge - Day 12

Day 13 – Comic

Probably my most favorite drawing some far because I had such a blast from start to finish and I LOVE how it all turned out. Because I had such a great time I went even further and colorized it. I love Garfield and his sarcastic sense of humor. And yes there’s a video of the whole drawing process from start to finish!

30 days drawing challenge - Day 13

Day 14 – Favorite Fairytale

The last drawing of the week was another one of those challenges I wasn’t really invested in and I think the result shows. I’m really not into fairytales at all, give me Sci-Fi, that’s more my thing. Anyway, I always loved the movie Edward Scissorhands but I think more because of Winona Ryder ;) Anyway a simple yet cool drawing.

30 days drawing challenge - Day 14

So I’m almost at halftime and there are some tough challenges ahead of me but I’m still optimistic that I will complete it even though for some challenges I have NO idea what to draw yet.