Darwin Premiere in Park City

on January 25th, "The Darwin Awards" premiered at the Sundance Film festival in Park City; Utah. Winona was there among other cast and crew members like Joseph Fiennes, Director Finn Taylor, and Metallica's Robert Trujillo. www.cinematical.com reported that out of respect to the recent death of co-star Chris Penn, no interviews or media appearances were held.

Out of respect for their co-star, the film's actors (including Winona Ryder, Joseph Fiennes and David Arquette) have cancelled all planned interviews and media appearences. Tonight's premiere will go through as planned, but sans press line. We'll be seeing Darwin tomorrow and will have a review up as soon as we can. There's also a Darwin awards party tonight, but with cast and crew in mourning, we imagine it probably won't be much of a party, despite the fact that Metallica is scheduled to play in a room the size of my black faux-crocodile handbag.

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