Varietys Darwin Awards Review

The first review is out of "The Darwin Awards" (if you don't count Joblo's review) and it doesn't look good so far. Here's an example of the review, to read the whole thing, click here: The Darwin Awards Review on Thanks to ChrisB for the find.

Labored comedy "The Darwin Awards" sports too many formulaic weaknesses of mainstream laffers while straining for an indie cred that hitherto came naturally to writer-director Finn Taylor ("Dream With the Fishes," "Cherish"). Topliners Joseph Fiennes and Winona Ryder sink along with a boatload of name thesps wasted in fleeting, unfunny support parts. Stars' presence and what sounds like an amusing concept will likely translate into brief theatrical exposure. But pic's natural berth will be cable, where it won't look out of place between the nth rerun of David Spade and Freddie Prinze Jr vehicles.