Back from Mallorca

Yes, I was away for a week, enjoying life in the unofficial 17th German State Mallorca :) I had an ok time, enjoyed the beach, the sun, the drinking and the weird people there. I had no idea people can get that low when being drunk (I'm not talking about me here! :) ) I mean I went with two friends of mine (both girls) and the way they get hit on by guys there just amazed me. Very direct and coming to the point right away: "You wanna see my hotel room?", "May I kiss you?", "Hey, sexy lady!".

But apart from that it was a fun experience and I even got a little color on me, Yes the lying on the beach for 6 days actually paid off :) But I wouldn't go there a second time, now I saw it and that was good enough for me. So now that I'm home I can go back to work... more on that later. Oh and just for the record, on this pic I'm actually 100% sober, no joke!