AGCN/Board News

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I thought it's about time again to report about the status of things around here since some people can't wait for the board to return. The board itself has been upgraded from v1.3 to v2.0.4, but through the upgrading process, some unexpected bugs and errors have surfaced.

As you might have noticed or realized, the databases of the board and the galleries were the same, so that when you registered for the board, you were registered for the galleries as well. Through the upgrade, certain stuff didn't work anymore and we had to separate them now. So no one is registered at the galleries now but that doesn't make much of a difference actually since you still can look at the pictures in full size without being registered or logged in. To use the download feature or the lightbox you still have to register, so if you want to use those features please register. I have to add that this so far only goes for the picture gallery, the fanart gallery will go through the same changes in the next few days, I will let you guys know.

The other (for me) bigger problem is the board itself. I wanted to start working on a new skin for some time now but the server seems to have a major problem with that. The guys from Invision Board, the guys from the ION support team and myself are still looking into that problem. The moment it's solved, the skinning process starts which won't take long. But if this problem starts to take a lot more time to solve, I will re-open the board in its Invision Board Default look (I'm not really fond of that idea, but it's better than nothing I guess).

I hope this answers some questions which were floating around here, thanks for your patience.