Scanner Interviews, Reports and Posters

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Today we have lots of new "A Scanner Darkly" stuff, for example, a short interview with director Richard Linklater, a report from the Comic-Con in San Diego where among other things new Posters for the movie where presented. So enjoy... has a short interview with the director Richard Linklater in which he talks about the movie a bit...

"It’s kind of a drug movie. It’s set in the near future in the middle of a drug epidemic. It’s going to be animated. I just shot the live-action portion, but ultimately, it’s an animated film using a similar rotoscoping process that I used in Waking Life. It’s the same software, but it’s been updated. [Animator] Bob Sabiston continues to work on it, so the animation is at an interesting place. It will have a different look that I think will work with the story well. I’ve been wanting to do another animated film, so I’m glad I got the chance."

Ain't It Cool News has a report up from the Comic-Con in San Diego where Producers and Animators AND Philip K. Dick himself (there as some sort of Android) discussed the movie a bit. Among other things, the movie itself, the posters and also shown the latest new trailer (which will hopefully hit the net soon) and a scene from the movie.

For the whole Report click here:

Russian movie page then took the photographs from the Comic-Con of those posters and made them official poster lookalikes... real official ones will hopefully get released soon as well.

Now lastly to something Soap and Board-related. Because of the recent Terrorist Attacks in London, people have been asking me to reopen the board. Well I'm sorry but the board won't be opened for at least another month but work on the redesign begun. I'll keep you posted on the status of it.