AINY Friday Box Office Results

Just a short update because I have to hurry for work:)

Got some new 'Hervé' pics here. I really don't know when I should update the pic galleries:( Thanks a lot anyway 'Hervé':)

Well it seems that MGM's campaign was worth it, the Friday numbers are in and so far 'Autumn in New York' is second:)

  1. Hollow Man $3,819,000
  2. Autumn In New York $3,631,000
  3. Space Cowboys $3,410,000
  4. The Replacements $3,404,000
  5. Bless The Child $3,006,000
  6. What Lies Beneath $2,792,000
  7. The Klumps $2,760,000
  8. Coyote Ugly $2,682,000
  9. X-Men $1,057,000
  10. The Perfect Storm $683,000