Alien4 & Celebrity Vidcaps

Ok, I worked on the page a bit yesterday but this was an exception. (I updated the 'Media' section) I can't work much on the page for the next 4-7 weeks because I have a lot of stuff to do (exams and more) but the daily updates will stay :)

I surfed around on a DVD ( page and found those vidcaps from 'Alien 4' and 'Celebrity'. Unfortunately, they only make vidcaps from specific movies:( It would be cool to get some quality vidcaps from 'Little Women' but it seems that you can't have it all:)

'Bigrose' made again 2 new wallpapers and this time his 'kiss' wallpaper is excellent. Great job:)) Btw strange question, how many times has she kissed a woman in a movie. Twice or is there also something in 'Celebrity'? Thanks a lot 'Bigrose'

Btw if you scroll down to the bottom of the page you see the news-archive which was requested by 'Fax Christ'))