The Info Update

Ok here comes the update which was originally planned for yesterday (sorry about that but when a girl asks you out you say yes, hehe) I will explain some things about version eight today and divide the update up into different parts.

The WHY of 'eight'

Eight of course because it's version 8 by now. Well, I wanted to make it faster and more organized and also be ready when Winona's career is about to get a boost and news and pics are floating in again. So a simple way of adding pics and making updates as needed and I finally said 'ok let's do it the way we wanted for some time already but have only a few important sections'. So the result is this, it's fast (as some already noted) and very easy to navigate (at least I think so) and for me very easy to update.

The NEW daily updates

Well, what you see here is actually a post on a board, so I no longer have to write the update in Dreamweaver and then upload the file, nope, now I just post on board and tata... the update appears. We used this technique already on the-soap main page on the previous version. It also allows other people to take over for me very easily without any knowledge of web stuff. And yes I try (thanks to the easy way of doing this) to update AGCN more often again (I try to do it daily, yes I'm serious) and provide news, pics and whatever I get from you people.

The NEW picture galleries

For over 4 years I used my very own way of naming the pics and sorting the pics... it all started with just a few for each section, but over the years the gallery literally grew out of proportion and so it became less organized. With this new gallery system (kindly offered by which we wanted to use for quite some time, we're able to sort the pics in 100s of categories and subcategories and create new ones within seconds. So handling the whole picture thing has become quite an easy thing and over the next few weeks and months, I will try to complete the gallery with all the pictures which are missing (the fan-art gallery IS complete). I have also a hard-working member (who goes by the name of Corky) who are doing new vidcaps from all her movies (check the Lost Souls Vidcaps to get an idea of how it will all look) A BIG thank you!!!! to her.

The MISSING sections

You might have noticed that some sections are missing on version eight now, that's because I originally planned to make an AGCN Light version. But the thing now is that Eight will slowly grow, not only in terms of picture gallery but we are also working on a multimedia section which will probably blow your brains out, hehe. Also, a new Biography section is in plans and maybe (yes maybe) the return of the articles (I'm not a big fan of that section so I usually avoid working on it)


Well, a big thank you goes to Godrex for installing the two galleries and making them work (also for the search for some dates and locations of some of her public appearances) and of course for my work in the back which might be unimportant and small but can make a big difference in the end.
Also a big thank you again to Corky for creating and still creating all those HQ vidcaps and I look forward to all of them from every movie.

So that's it... I really hope you enjoy it (word of mouth so far seems to be a tad more positive than when we released the-soap v3, hehe) And I also hope you check back AGCN more often (no I don't mean the board, I mean this place here).