Ten is getting close

It’s almost time I can now safely say. For the past month or so I was working every evening on migrating, designing, and coding the next version of SoaPatrick and it’s gotten to the point of me being exhausted and just wanting to get it over with. BUT I see light at the end of the tunnel and that light is no more than 7 days away. Yes, you’ve “heard” right: SoaPatrickTen will be released next weekend.

There are some minor things that need to be done but for the most part, I’m finished. The biggest thing to do is probably the RSS feature which is something I might add later on, depending on my mood. And then there are some new pages that need content, but that is also not a deal-breaker, I mean the Patrick part of this website has the words “Soon to be filled…” since September of 2020.

So seven more days of WordPress before it’s time to say goodbye and welcome a new era with my new favorite CMS: Kirby.