So let's write a Story...

So I‘m sitting on the train, ready to start a story. Well kinda ready, it helps to have like a starting point from which the story evolves, and that‘s what‘s currently missing, plus I don‘t want people glancing at my iPad and reading all the weird stuff I‘m about to write, so I wait a bit until I‘m sure I don‘t have anyone sitting next to me.


I just realized that it‘s not that easy, it used to be easy but I guess that was because I was writing in German. There are still words that I have to think about for a second and this can cause the flow to get interrupted. A possibility would be to write a short fast story in German and then rewrite and edit the story in English, you know polish it at the same time.

Another thing I realized is the keyboard, having a good keyboard on which I can quickly type is important and while the Logitech keyboard for my iPad is quite ok it‘s not a full-fledged keyboard from a Laptop or a desktop. So I could either skip the idea and write at home or take a laptop with me for commuting. Both don‘t sound appealing.

Henry opens the letter very carefully, his guilt has vanished, the curiosity has taken over and pure jealousy is now the driving force for his actions. He unfolds the piece of paper and reads the content of the letter, his eyes glued to every word, analyzing each sentence, looking for clues, for hints for anything really to confirm his feeling. Arriving at the end he‘s confused, he turns the letter but there is nothing left. He searches the envelope but nothing. He goes through the letter again, in hope of having missed anything but all it does is making him angrier. He was so sure he‘d find something. He rips the letter into tiny little pieces but it doesn‘t help, it doesn‘t diminish the rage inside of him.

Yap, it‘s definitely easier in German and on a regular-sized keyboard. My writing performance lacks the speed of my mind and reacting to quick decisions on where to go with the story. When I‘m writing and my mind has to stop for a moment in order for my fingers to keep up it does tend to question what I‘m about to write and the idea of this whole process was to avoid thinking too much about what I write and just write. Editing would come later when there‘s a foundation to work with.

Oh well, this kinda blows a bit. I have to think about it where to go from here, I don‘t wanna carry around my MacBook Air with me, even though it‘s light, but it‘s not light enough.