Possible new structure

I was thinking about new possible domain names just recently because the one I was thinking of was rather long so I checked some alternatives. This led me to look at the page once again and think about what I plan on doing with it.

After a lot of back and forth and checking the availability of domain names, it hit me. The domain the-soap.com is just fine and I can play with it. So this is the idea I’m having.

  • the-soap.com (main page)
  • the-soap.com/box (blog, since a soapbox is a platform from which a speech is delivered)
  • the-soap.com/lab (is like the brainstorming part of the page for possible future projects)
  • the-soap.com/factory (is where I actually start the production of projects)
  • the-soap.com/productions (is like the portfolio of the page)
  • the-soap.com/company (is like the about sections)

I’m not yet sure if there will be a main page because I don’t like the idea of having a page where there’s nothing but links to other pages, or if the page starts with the blog immediately.

I also have some vague design ideas so far, which will be the next step of this process