Plans for the Soap Design

Well, I’m still in a very early thought process for the new design and I’m (as always) torn between a few design styles but a few things are for certain though:

  • There’s no plan for a mobile-specific CSS file but instead, I want to use a very responsive design so that it adapts itself to the different browser sizes
  • since more and more retina displays are on the market and because this changes how graphics are seen, I want to use as many vector graphics as possible (actually I want to use ONLY vector graphics)
  • There will definitely be a blog called Soap Box, there will also definitely be a brainstorming part called Soap Lab and there will also be an about page called Soap Company. I’m not really sure about Soap Factory and/or Soap Productions because even I have problems distinguishing the different parts then and when moves a project from Soap Lab to Soap Factory and so on.

Yeah, those are some choices I’ve made for the new soap design, which I think will be version 10, but really, who’s counting.