Noni & Beck? Scissorhands DVD Review

New rumors are floating around about a new Noni-relationship. Don't you get sick of this? Every month the media comes up with someone new, ts ts ts. Read the article below.

The 'Edward Scissorhands' DVD will be out soon but the guys over at took an early look at it, here's their review:

'Delyar' got herself a scanner and now we can expect a lot of scans from her, here is her first one. The other pic is from 'Lost Souls'. This movie looks damn spooky:) Thanks a lot 'Delyar' (on a side note, the guy behind Noni is the most successful producer in Hollywood, he won 6 Oscars, he comes from Switzerland and lives in the same city I do:)). (again on a side note, the person on the Lost Souls pic could be Noni with short hair:)

And finally, here are some great vidcaps from 'Little Women' made by 'Chou'. really great work, thanks oh and sorry for the trouble :)

If I sound sad or depressed today then it's because I'm extremely tired. But actually, I'm damn happy, really really happy:))