Let’s recap July of 2018, shall we?

July recap 2018

I wasn’t wrong when I said in last month’s recap that July will be the hottest month of the year, but it seems that the high temperatures will go on at least for another 2 weeks. Well, the weather had a lot of impact on my motivation over the last two weeks, but first, let’s start with the good stuff.

I decided to shoot something with the iPhone and actually did it, including editing the footage afterward. Like I mentioned I had some problems but I loved the learning experience and the plan is to do something again this weekend (if the temperature in my apartment is bearable).

On the flip side, the 100 Days Drawing Challenge was put on hold for the time being, after 43 days straight I came to a halt for various reasons, the switch to a filming project was one and the constant heat another. Once the temperatures go down to a reasonable level, I will start drawing again and pick it up on day 44. I also bought the Book 624 Things to Draw to get some ideas on what to draw.

So now I have to get back to doing nothing and try to cool down.