I’m using WordPress since 2004

I seem to be on a nostalgia trip recently. First the look back on the 18 Birthday of AGCN, then looking back at old Movies I’ve shot with some friends and I also looked at other videos in different formats and listened to old cassette tapes. And today at work I talked about WordPress and that it’s the most popular blogging platform in the world. That thought got me thinking about how much I actually work with WordPress.

With a little bit of research I found out that I’ve been using it since 2004, actually, I’ve been using WordPress since version 1.0. It’s remarkable what has happened in the last 14 years, I slightly remember the old admin interface. I have a better memory of the old classic theme

I look forward to many more years with it, I still think it’s one of the best CMS out there and for sure the best Blogging Platform.

WordPress classic theme