My first attempts at making Movies

My uncle bought himself an old camcorder on eBay to play and transfer Video 8 and HI8 tapes. I too have four old tapes and yesterday I watched what was actually on these tapes because I had no idea. To my surprise, there are old recordings of me and some friends trying to shoot movies. It was fun to see this rare footage and I look forward to actually transferring that to my Mac and maybe, MAYBE even finally editing some of these to actual “short movies*.

What I noticed while watching the footage was that we never really cared how good the scripts were (if we even had one) but when we had a stupid idea, we just held the camera and started shooting. Of course, the outcome isn‘t really good but that was beside the point, we just had fun doing stuff. Sometimes, I kinda miss this feeling but I do feel like I‘m getting back to that with writing daily blog entries and drawing something from time to time, I just love the actual process and don’t care that much about the outcome.