I made a new Cartoon Character of Myself

Cartoon Patrick

I thought I could draw myself again with a clear goal in mind and this is the result (so far). I once again started to draw on the iPad with Procreate, then once I had a very good base (colors included) I thought I could go one step further this time and redraw it in Illustrator to give it this smooth look and have a vector image for lots of possibilities. I had some problems first but the longer I worked on it, the faster and better I got (oh what a surprise). For easy redrawing, I used Astropad which allowed me to use the iPad as an input device for the mac and then could draw the shapes with the Apple Pencil. Then I googled a bit on how to animate that now in After Effects and then I discovered Adobe Character Animator and I felt like I discovered something magical. So I played around with it a bit and there’s a small learning curve but once you have your character puppet you can do so much cool stuff.

So I’m not ready to show some animation but the goal is clear. But one thing I noticed, my 8-year-old iMac is not suitable to really do extensive animation, probably have to really consider buying a new Mac soon.