Soap v3

After seeing the Soap Logo v2 for too long and realizing I’m having a problem using the logo for designs because of its form factor, I went back to the drawing board to come up with a new Logo. After watching the end of the Marron5 Music Video Makes Me Wonder where the plane flies through the picture and leaves a wooosh onto the sun, I had my idea.

I played quite around with that concept but I always had problems with the font and the name, I didn’t know where to place the name and with what font. After being unhappy with a simple Arial font, I went back to the first Soap Logo and used what I did back then and tried to incorporate that logo inside the new one. But It never worked in a simple way (black n’ white) but it looked gorgeous when I made it look more three-dimensional and more plastic with gloss effects and glows.

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