Started to play around with Blender, again

Yup, I’ve taken the Blender App out of the attic, dusted it off and gave it another go. Well, I was surprised how much the interface changed since the last time I’ve been using it. Version 2.8.1 sure has some major changes under the hood and it feels nice.

But then reality kicked in, my Mac Mini is NOT made to play around with Blender, for obvious reasons. There’s no dedicated GPU inside my tiny little mac. It’s a pure CPU machine, a powerful CPU machine for its size but still. So using the Cycles Render Engine meant the fan started to go crazy and the app became unresponsive.

I’ve realized that IF I want to invest time into Blender, I need, and yes here comes the kicker, a Windows machine. Yes, I said it. I quickly put together a shopping list for a really good graphics PC, ideal for Blender and some gaming and then looked at the price tag. Well, it’s not cheap and I guess I need to do some thinking if this is something that’s worth investing in.

The reason I’m curious about Blender again is the ability to motion track video material and include 3D Models into my movies. There’s some really cool shit that could be done!

Talking about movies, I’ve got some news, but that’s something I will go into tomorrow.