Quality vs Quantity

I‘ve been thinking a lot about the next project (obviously), which will be shot this Saturday, and what kind of future projects I plan on doing. I once made the bold statement to a friend of doing at least 12 short movies next year, one for each month, just to put pressure on myself with all these deadlines. I know that it‘s kinda crazy to do these once a month but my goal is not to have 12 huge projects lined up but rather just shoot 12 different movie projects (short or microfilm, a sketch or just something with an idea) to practice.

Because let‘s face it, right now the main goal has to be to improve my skills on every level and not worry about quality THAT much but rather just go out and do stuff on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and get better every time. Let me worry about quality later on when I‘m on a level the good ideas get the treatment they deserve.