It's time for Eight

I’m slowly crunching out of my game-cave and while doing that I realized that I need a new project. I haven’t done much else besides gaming since the beginning of July and in order for that to change significantly, I need something new to focus on. So I thought a few days about this and It’s time for a new design.

I know that with SP5, SP6 and SP7 it was more of incremental design changes and with SP8 I want to start from scratch. Ditch the old design(s) and create something completely different.

I have some ideas and some things I’d love to keep having on SP8, like the ability to customize the color theme maybe and the light/dark mode. I also want to include Blender Renderings into the design, maybe that will nudge me slightly to go back to Blender. Then I improved my gulp script with a watch task recently and that’s something I’d like to improve upon with SP8 as well. The idea is to completely avoid using CodeKit, even though I love it. But I think to get more mature with my coding and development skills I need to get serious about Gulp.js automation.

So the next step would be to create a new repository and start a brand new theme, a clean slate, and then see where it all leads. I look forward to it but don’t expect results for some time.