Got some new pipeline minutes

A new month and it all starts back at zero. So I used my Sunday with working on version 2.3.0. The biggest new addition to the theme or the page, in general, is a Data Protection page where I go into some detail about what is happening with your data on this website. The short answer? I don’t collect your data, but I thought I could explain and be transparent about it. The page can always be accessed through the nice little icon in the footer.

I also improved the list view of related blog posts in the factory detail view. and added colorized code styling back again. Makes reading the code much easier.

As for the next release, I will probably rethink the grid with better grid column widths. After that, I can define new image sizes and reduce the number of breakpoints. But from a technical standpoint, those are the remaining big ones.

From a content standpoint, I plan on writing excerpts for all the factory items, because this makes sense from a sharing and SEO perspective. But I do also have an idea for a new short, but that’s something for another blog post.